Microsoft Opens the Doors for iOS Apps

Jigar Panchal

There is exciting news for all the iOS app owners and developers! Developers across the world are enraptured by the fact that such news comes from an age-old rival of Apple. Yes, surprisingly, Redmond people have now opened the doors for iOS applications in their Windows phones. Read on to know more about such wonderful news:

Recently, Microsoft’s vice president of OS (Operating System) development, Terry Myerson announced the new tools for moving both Android and iOS apps onto Windows phones. Hundreds of developers hailed his keynote speech showing Microsoft’s intention of embracing both Android and iOS apps.

Of course, Microsoft is going to unveil a toolkit for moving iOS apps to Windows, but it certainly takes a move in the direction of opening the doors of new opportunity for all the iOS developers. Let’s know more about it:

Terry said in Microsoft’s annual developer conference held in San Francisco that the company’s new software development kit (SDK), enables developers to grab and reshape Objective-C code for converting iOS apps into Windows apps.

Such move of Microsoft is considered as a part of company’s effort to significantly increase the number of applications on its mobile platform. In recent years, Windows phones faced retreat in the mobile market just because of less number of apps than its peers’ platforms. Android and iOS devices enjoy a larger chunk of market share worldwide, and Microsoft has finally got prepared to join the competition.

What It Means for Microsoft

It is a Catch-22 situation for Microsoft. As people tend to stay away from Windows phones (Because the platform has not a large number of quality apps), developers focus more on developing apps for Android and iOS platforms. With this, Microsoft aims to make developers reconsidering their decision. In addition, such move helps Microsoft increase the number of apps on Windows platform.

Terry also put company’s view regarding Windows 10 thus saying: “With Windows 10, we’re targeting the largest device family ever.” He also recalled the concept of “universal apps” that can run across all Windows 10 devices.

In brief, we can mention that Microsoft is keen to get apps from all other platforms to gain the reasonable share in the lucrative mobile market.

What It Means for Developers

Developers can get the new opportunity in terms of Windows users. As Microsoft will get many quality apps on its platform, people will certainly think about buying Windows phones in future. There, iOS and Android app makers can take the advantage of addressing the newer audience.

Developers, it’s your turn now! Simply develop a unique app for iOS platform in order to get an opportunity to move on Windows platform. You can take help of an online app development platform for developing attractive and innovative iOS apps.

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