Migrate from Parse to Configure.IT with Just a Click

Jigar Panchal

Since Parse Sunset news have been announced by Facebook, all the Parse users have become active to find the alternative where they can migrate their App. Configure.IT is the best platform where Parse users can transfer their App and get benefits beyond their Parse.

Configure.IT Provides fastest and easiest migration as you just need to share your Parse credentials with us and rest you need is to play with your Mouse for clicks! šŸ™‚ CIT will take care of everything including DB Migration, Data Migration, Data Hosting and Rest API.

Many non-Configure.IT users will ask why to migrate to Configure.IT?

Configure.IT is the most promising concurrent-platform which leverages the power of Native Source Code. It has redefined the multi-platform app development approach with its unparalleled capabilities. Develop App for one platform and migrate to another platform without writing code again!

Features of Configure.IT

  • Develop for iOS and Android concurrently without additional efforts
  • Drag and Drop. Code only if required
  • Get 100% Native Source code for your app
  • Same platform for Apps & Back-endĀ Development
  • Template based as well as tailored solution
  • Custom-made packages for Developer, Enterprise and Student
  • Host, Deploy and Distribute as you want!
  • Real Time Preview of iOS and Android Apps for Smartphone and tablets!
  • No compilation while testing App on PreviewIT
  • Share previews with clients directly
  • Complete Relational + SQLite driven DB
  • Visual Flowchart based Development
  • One-Click remote deployment of back-end

Migrating to Configure.IT has lot of benefits for Parse Users as Configure.IT provides Wizard base Transfer process so you just need to click the button and change base URL to shift and enjoy the CIT forever without any headache!

How Configure.IT beats Parse?

  • Parse is providing just Back-end to Mobile App whereas CIT Provides Complete package of custom mobile App solution with back-end which can be used for both Mobile App as well as Web App
  • Core offering of Parse is Hosting, analytics and cloud code whereas CIT allows to build Mobile App without writing code, with just drag & drop along with hosting
  • No lock-in, you can host & deploy anywhere! Which was restricted to host to Parse server only
  • Import existing App, DB and data which is not possible in Parse
  • Dynamic & 100% Customizable Admin Panel which was through Primitive
  • Exposure to Notifications, Schedulers and Cron Jobs
  • External API Integration with Custom API development

Click on Migrate from Parse to Configure.IT to get more information regarding this migration tool.

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