Mobile App – A Way to Accelerate Your Business

Jigar Panchal

In current time, Mobile app is a very much important resource to make a business successful. Years before, the big giants like Ford, McDonald, Comcast, etc. were the only brands who had invested in mobile apps. Now the time has changed a lot. Today, it doesn’t matter your business is big or small but a little investment in mobile apps will surely increase your income.

Many small businesses as well as midsize businesses are following the mobile trends, and understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than just a Website. Watch out the few reasons that show the usage & value of the Mobile Apps:

  1. Available for customers at all times
  2. Mobile App Usage

    The above graph shows that people spend an average 198 minutes/day in mobile apps, while in TV 168 minutes/day. The main reason of why people spend more time on mobile rather than any other devices is because of its availability at 24/7 hours and easy to access. As compared to other gadgets, mobile is more convenient to access at any time, because of its size and functionality.

  3. To Build A Direct Marketing Channel
  4. Through the mobile app, customers can get the general information about a company, products, prices and many more, immediately. Additionally, push notifications are helped to remind the company’s current deals and offers to the customers. And by offering the coupons, company can get more customers as well as money.

  5. For Customer Engagement
  6. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, but it’s very important that customers can reach easily at the products and get all the details in deep. Mobile app is the most convenient way to build emotional relations between the customers and companies that drive long-term profits and loyalty, for instance, if customers have any query regarding the products then app must have a custom support center option by that customers can quickly resolve their query. This is an example that how a company can build an emotional attachment with their valuable customers and create their goodwill in customer’s mind.

  7. To Achieve The Customer Loyalty
  8. Mobile app is the best way to connect with the customers and making them a loyal lover of the products and/or services. Due to the immense amount of advertising through Facebook ads, websites, email marketing, newspaper ads etc., sometimes customers get rid of these things. Instead of, mobile app is the best way to make strong and valuable bonding with the customers.

Above reasons clearly indicate that mobile app plays a very crucial role to make the business successful. That doesn’t mean, the business, having mobile app is the most successful, but it’s like a part of the business. Technology has advanced a lot, with cross-platform app development tools, anyone can develop apps without having much coding experience. Once can develop apps for multiple platforms in minimum time as well as less investment.

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