Platform Type
Solution Type PaaS BaaS SaaS
Core Offering Build custom Mobile Apps with
Business Logic without any coding
App Data Hosting, Analytics,
Cloud Code
Build Apps only based
on Pre-defined modules
Platform Focus Build Complete Mobile Solution
with Smart Backend and API
Provide Backend to
Mobile Apps
Build Apps based on Generic
Who can benefit? Solution Providers, Marketing
Agencies, Enterprises
Developers who needs primitive
Backend and knows coding
Direct SMB owners who wants
out of the box mobile apps
Lock in for App Source Code and Database No Lockin
(Deploy Anywhere)
Data locked to Parse
Data + App Control locked to
AappMachine platform
Pricing Free To Try
Free to Onboard
Free To Try
Data + Database
Database Hosting Free to Host anywhere Managed Managed
Database Type Complete MySQL Driven Restricted
Fixed Fields based
on Module
Data Types Complete MySQL Driven Limited Module based
Data Limit Unlimited 20GB Not Available
Custom DB Queries      
Importing Existing Data     Limited
File Storage      
Backend + Data Management
Back-end Data Management Dynamic Admin Panel
(Fully PHP Based - 100% Customizable)
Primitive Data Browser
(Like Excel Sheet)
Module based Basic
Data Management
Notification and Scheduler      
Allow Code Customization (PHP + Any client
side framework)
JS + Node.JS  
Custom Business Logic   Limited  
Back End Hosting Free to host anywhere Managed Managed
Background Jobs (Cron)      
Data API
Basic CRUD API      
Custom API Development      
API Development Method Visual Configuration
(Without Coding)
Coding Required Not Available
3rd Party API Any API ready   Limited
Mobile App Development
Application Development Web Based Editor with
Dynamic Configuration of UI and Logic
Not Available Web based module configuration. Limited UI flexibility
Platform Support iOS, Android iOS, Android, Windows,
Mac, .NET and others
iOS, Android, WP8
Analytics (Coming Soon) (basic) (basic)
Push Notifications     (basic)
Push Notification Segmentation   (Paid)  
Native Apps out of the box      
Custom UI for Apps   Not Available Enterprise Users only
3rd Party SDK Integration Social + Many others FB, Twitter General Social Platforms
Mobile App Code Completely Customizable Native
Code Download
Not Applicable Not Available
App Templates Custom Templates   Navigation Blocks
Development Workflow
Development Team Management      
Real Time Preview of Application      
Individual Screen Refresh while previewing app      
Back-end Deployment One Click deployment to remote server    
Re-usability At every stage
(field, tables, modules, controls,
screens, entire projects)

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