Mobile App Development Tips for The Holiday App Rush

Jigar Panchal

The holiday season is here again and mobile app developers are all set to grab a large chunk of approximately $2.4 billion revenue generated through app sales. As app downloading always touch new heights on Christmas day, it is necessary for app developers to stand out in a crowd for reaping monetary and other benefits. The blog discusses interesting ways to attract people toward your apps during the upcoming week of December 25.

Make plans early for app version and pricing updates

Developers should release and update their iOS apps before Christmas holidays, because Apple store will remain close during December 22 to December 29 for new app submission and updates. That means developers cannot change prices and descriptions or add new apps. Thus, developers should submit their new apps or app updates or pricing changes around the first week of December that give enough time for review and approval.

The Google play store does not have any schedule for holiday shutdown. But, the developers have to submit their new apps or updates before a week of Christmas holidays to ensure that neither you nor your new Android device customers miss the ‘unboxing’ windows this year.

Occasional dressing

Many retail stores play particular festival based music and decorate their store with festival themes before a few days of festivals. A survey has shown that festival based music and themes help to attract more customers and increase the amount of time they spend in store, their intention is to increase revisit and make more purchases.

The same logic developer can apply for apps. Holiday themes are an effective way to increase user engagement and click-through rates.

Make sure holiday pricing align with business goals

The holiday season means a season for special deals and discounts, but make sure holiday pricing aligns with the business goal. Because to boost the perceived value and app rating, developers offer great discounts, sometime this tricks become less effective.

Before offering a holiday discount, the developer should do some basic calculation in advance, such as average revenue per user and the number of new users, approximately.

Make that first impression a good one

With millions of apps available, it’s important to differentiate the app from the rest. Developers need to make a proper plan before building the app. Careful analysis of the market can help to find a niche. Moreover, 80 – 90% of downloaded mobile apps get used once and then get deleted.

Before starting the app development, developer should learn the reasons why few apps are most successful and others are not. Also, try to know the exact user’s demand – what they actually want. Test the app twice before to publish on an app store and release its beta version first. Always keep in mind that end users are everything, what they want exactly provide that only – this is the key to make a positive impression in the user’s mind.

Continue your trail of success in the New Year

The holiday opportunities will last long if developers remember that user acquisition is just the first step of the journey. Consider focusing on a long-term retention and re-targeting users to grab these opportunities. In a way, developers can get engaged customers and make profits even after the initial excitement of app download during the holiday season has waned.

Have any other tips? Share them with us and we’ll pass them along.

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