Mobile Apps- Core Concept of Enterprise Mobility

Jigar Panchal

Enterprise mobility is a necessity of today’s corporate world, as smartphones and tablets increase their penetration among people like never before. Whether it is BYOD concept or customer-centric approach, companies need mobile apps. We cannot imagine enterprise mobility without mobile apps these days.

Core Concept of Enterprise Mobility

Let’s have some interesting stats before we start pondering over the topic.

Interesting Stats:

  • Antenna Software states that 43% of companies agree that they are working on having a mobile app for their customers. On the other hand, 42% companies mention that they are in progress to have internal apps for their employees.
  • The global enterprise mobility market will reach $140 billion a year by 2020.

Indeed, enterprise mobility gains momentum across the world and numerous employees like the concept as:

  • It provides the freedom of working from anywhere, and
  • Enables them to use their own devices (under BYOD policy) for their companies.

As we saw earlier, mobile app is an essential part of enterprise mobility; whether for customers or employees, enterprises are into mobilizing stuff for smoother, better and accurate transactions and communications.

Companies require innovative and attractive mobile apps for both to increase penetration among around 1 billion smartphone users and to convey information to employees on the move. It is the reason that mobile application management has become the core component of enterprise mobility management (EMM).

Necessity of Mobile Apps in Enterprise Mobility

A quality mobile app with customized features attracts people, and as they use it more, they are likely to get converted into loyal customers of the respective company. The study shows that a mobile app provides more loyal consumers to enterprises than a website.

A mobile app that provides an excellent user experience and seamless operation builds a reputation for the company. It helps the company to get a permanent place on everyone’s smartphone it targets.

On the other hand, a mobile app with all necessary company data supplies all information to both employees and customers on the go. For instance, when employees are out for business purposes, they can readily get the necessary information for presentation.

Even more, companies can send notifications about new launches, special events, discount offers, etc. directly to the customers through mobile apps. A survey says that customers provided with good offers on their smart devices are 35% more likely to purchase goods.

In short, mobile app with all necessary features is a part and parcel of enterprise mobility. Without a mobile app, no company can opt for enterprise mobility in a holistic way.

Mobile App Development – A Stumbling Block For Companies

Most of the enterprises want to adapt to the latest technology of enterprise mobility, but some of them restrain themselves just because they find handling big data, developing mobile app and managing it is too perplexing. Companies take mobile app development as unnecessary overheads and prefer putting money on some other ventures.

Gone are the days wherein companies need to find a developer and make them understand the business objectives in the form of a wish list to make a tailor-made mobile app. As technology advances manyfold, nowadays companies can develop their mobile app without any hassles through the most innovative online app development platform.

Automated mobile app development platforms offer a step-by-step development that most of the users find it easier. Even further, with such tool, even a non-technical person can also make a customized app.

Some special platforms offer a preview facility for viewing an app before deploying it on the app store as well. Companies can also edit and modify the features of the app as per their business requirements.

In short, such platform helps enterprises create, edit and deploy a mobile app within a very short time in a hassle free way that otherwise takes a considerable amount of time for the developers to come out with a scalable and robust mobile solution.

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