Multilingual Apps- Why They are Necessary for the Business

Jigar Panchal


Today, as we pass through an era of globalization, businesses come out of the geographic boundaries. Along with this, entrepreneurs use various marketing techniques to remain firm in the cutthroat competition and to expand their business.

Nowadays, mobile platform offers a huge marketing opportunity to the entrepreneurs as smart devices users are increasing substantially across the world, and, more and more people tend to use smartphones devices for accessing the Internet or search for services and products. Companies can grab the benefits of this trend by having customized mobile websites and apps.

Companies can develop business apps with all the necessary features and address huge audience consists of handheld device users. But then, as iPhones and Android phones are sold across various continents, it is a difficult task for the companies to have an appealing app for every user. They have to take care of different aspects while developing customized business apps, and language is one such aspect. Read on to know how the language helps in spreading business:

Let us take an example of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. These Apple marvels become highly popular in China along with other Asian countries. Here is a point: as Chinese people are not comfortable with English, Apple needs to give them software that can understand and display the Chinese language. In a same way, if any company wants to target iPhone users, they have to think about Chinese and some of the European languages while developing customized apps. Also, an unofficial survey has revealed that even if people use English, they tend to appreciate the app more that shows content in their native language.

These days, companies tend to target a specific audience for promoting a particular product or service. Such localized audience prefers instructions and content in their native language. At times, companies may lose some business just because their apps are in English!

In a way, multilingual apps become a compelling necessity for the business. Companies can widen the business boundaries simply by putting multilingual apps on the market. But, many companies remain in limbo as they have no facility for developing such apps. They either go for taking services from developers or stick to monolingual (usually, English) apps while compromising positive business outcome.

Thanks to the technological advancement, we have a few online app development platforms that facilitate the development of multilingual apps. Configure.IT is one such platform that supports multiple languages of the user interface (UI) along with app data. It has automatic translation support that covers the entire app development process and enables companies to develop tailored business apps in multiple languages.

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