No Coding App Development Platforms Can Fill the Gap of 1 Billion Mobile Apps in Demand & Supply

Jigar Panchal

Recently, the phrase ‘IT department struggle’ is slowly being replaced with trending words ‘App Gap’. The reason behind this change is a skyrocketing demand of mobile apps and diminishing needs of mobile app development. By the end of 2017, the app demand will be five-fold to what IT service providers would be lagging behind supplying it.

If we see today’s lifestyle, a normal user currently uses minimum three different devices in routine life. But when the technologies like IoT (Internet of Thing) and wearable devices fully come up in the market, the app demand will be increased five to six times compared to current requirements. This is the main reason, why developers need to develop quality apps in a shorter period of time.

As per the current survey, there are approximately 11 million professional developers and 7.5 million hobby developers available to develop the app. These huge numbers of developers have developed millions of apps till today. From which, Android users have options to choose from 1.6 million different apps. Apple’s App Store is the second-largest app store with 1.5 million attractive apps. The other app stores have a contribution of around 1 million apps. The 460 million college-educated professionals are still available on the globe who can start app development any time. Imagine the world where everyone can build apps. So how is it possible?

The solution of this situation is not to educate more developers, but change the way to develop the applications and try to shift from expert to everyone. So, the question arises here, how is it possible? Read the solution here:

Start to think about the customer’s need

Start to think out of the box to hold existing customers as well to attract the new mass. However, it’s a challenge to identify customer’s need, but to make them happy and habitual, developer need to provide them what they want. One of the best examples is Johnson & Johnson, who have thought about the problems faced by parents of newly born babies. To give their babies a proper sleep, the company come up with the wonderful solution called bedtime app. On the other hand, think about the assets like manufacturing, partnership and institutional competencies. Still, it’s not justified that how could developers apply those assets in app world.

Use rapid mobile app development tools

The gap between mobile app demand and supply is increasing day by day, so manual coding is not much enough that can fill the gap. Cross Platform App Development tools are the only solution to come out of this situation. By using these kind of tools any non-programmer can also build a mobile app without getting many hurdles.

Design for mobile moments

Give users what they want, that’s it. To achieve the user’s mobile moment requirements, need to perceive their journey and identify their desires. Design a mobile application to provide the exact things what they require. This is the only way to give 100% satisfaction to users.

Rent what you need, own what you must

For getting the best output, hire the expert or a freelancer because it is possible, that in the initial stage company do not have everything. Transfer the skills from partners to workers. Establish the long-term relationship and pay for the success, not for completion only.

Be ready to launch, learn, and adjust

Might be, it is not possible to get success in the initial stage while developing the app. As a developer, you need to keep yourself updated with latest technologies. A person cannot clap with one hand, the same way, you need to connect with a number of persons because behind any success there are many hands who give their best. Developers have required app testing on each device and network, putting in the proper feedback loops, listening rigorously, analyzing the collected information, quickly fixing broken things, and explaining why. So, start thinking of small engagement, but prepare for how to grow and improve.

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