APIBuilder allows you to build the logic visually, in the form of simple flow chart and actions,
and also enables you to connect the data from different sources!

External API Connector – Bring it on!

Using external API Connector – you can connect any
JSON or XML based APIs over SOAP, Rest or just simple
HTTP web services. Empower your mobile app to connect
to external data sources and exchange the information.

Focus on What. Not How.

The queries and logical blocks are already 100% optimized and performance-dirven. This allows you to Focus on that you want.

Trigger Notifications within logic

Integrate SMS / Email / Push notifications to include in your flow based on specific conditions.

Lightweight as it looks.

The generated code of APIs is extremely small – to ensure maximum computation performance.

Downloadable Source Code

Download 100% PHP source code for all APIs – to be able to host it on any 3rd party server or extend it further.

Make APIs for


Mobile Apps




Desktop Apps


Smart TV


IOT Devices


Connected Devices


Embedded Hardware



Exploit the power of Relational Database engines, for building feature-rich and powerful backend.

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Build extremelyl user friendly and powerful business application to manage data.

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