Pre & Post Launch App Marketing Strategies to Make the App Successful

Jigar Panchal

Even if you’ve great ideas for developing a unique and user-friendly app, it is very difficult to stand out in a crowd when hundreds of thousands of apps are available in app stores. App success largely depends on initial steps for making it popular. Read on to get the tips you can apply prior to launch it for achieving a grand success.

A Month Before

First of all, you need to set some basic goals to build a successful mobile app.This is a time when Alpha users’ feedback taken into considerations, and after multiple iterations, the app is developed in a way that app developers will be confident enough to release it.

Don’t forget to create simple and professional-looking demo video or a teaser that helps to create an excitement prior to launching an app. Moreover, try to utilize social media more to promote your app.

A week before

Prepare all the relevant content such as press releases, blog posts, newsletters, etc. Setup a Facebook Fan page and make catchy tweets. Also, take help of bloggers and reporters to extend the app awareness to get the new users. It is better to research all the publications that cover and review apps similar to your app. Find-out the audience more excited about your app. Do not forget to create a landing page of the app that figure out the right message of the app.

Two to Three days before

This is the time when the developer should give proper information about the date and time of the app launching. Offer a sneak peek of the app that allow reporters and media to write a news about the app. Give a very clear idea about the app by sharing logos, screenshots and videos to the targeted audience.

Launch Day

It is necessary to reach out everyone, including industry experts, media personals, bloggers, etc. to boost awareness about the launching event. Get the app review by sending app to the big review sites and other publications. Release a short note regarding the app launch on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. on the day of launching.

Post – Launch

Once the app is launched successfully, do not stop the campaign. Try to expose your app more to attract attention of users in a crowded app store. Regularly update the app and promote them. To get the new users and expand the app functionalities, the good way is to integrate your app with other apps. And, always be active on social media that helps to make the app popular.

That’s not all. It is also necessary to focus on users’ reviews and improve your app accordingly to maintain the top position of your app in the app stores.

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