PreviewIt – Configure.IT’s Unique Tool for The Live Previews of An App

Jigar Panchal

A developer is much more concerned about how a mobile app looks to the end users. Having a live preview (a preview during development of an app) is something that would solve all the problems at once. With an excellent app preview tool– PreviewIT developers can get rid of this trouble. Let’s talk about functions and features of PreviewIT.

Mobile apps require the preview before deploying in order to edit or modify it as per end users’ point of view. Very few app development platforms facilitate preview of the app during progress that enables both- developers and clients to experience how it works.

Preview of an app provides a facility to collaborate developers with customers. Thanks to an app preview, developers implement clients’ suggestions during the development process.

Configure.IT is an innovative online platform for developing mobile apps. It offers app development without coding. That’s not all; it has some wonderful tools that have a helping hand to developers, and app preview tool- PreviewIT is one of them.

How does it work?

PreviewIT fetches real data through API and shows them with native output. In this way, PreviewIT provides a smooth and real time app preview experience. It shows an app as appears on the screen, and not in the form of webpage that provides a real idea of how it appears in front of end users.

PreviewIT is an extra-ordinary tool that comes with an array of benefits. Some of them are as follows:

Benefits of having live app development preview through PreviewIT

  • Monitoring an app: Developers can check appearance and functions of the app without opening it. Further, they can make changes in the app as per clients’ suggestions and monitor those changes without reopening of an app.
  • Preview with real time data: Developers can see an app with the real time data that gives a more realistic preview. From the end users’ viewpoint, developers can see the preview of their apps and make the necessary changes.
  • Sharing is possible: An innovative tool-PreviewIT facilitates sharing of preview. Sharing with other developers helps developers improve their apps by working as a team. Sharing with clients facilitates receiving instant feedback and clients’ satisfactory experience during ongoing app development process.
  • Facilitates instant changes: Thanks to PreviewIT, developers can access the app from anywhere, anytime. They can make necessary changes on the move and share test builds. Changes in configuration instantly reflect on previewer version of the app.
  • Reducing time for review: With instant sharing and taking notes on the test builds, developers can save time in developing an app. They can use this time for making better app in terms of functions and appearance.

All in all, PreviewIT- a preview tool offers numerous benefits for developers. Developers avail all of them when they develop their apps through Configure.IT platform.

About Configure.IT

Configure.IT is a cross-platform App Development platform that empowers developing 100% native, customizable and extendible apps and backend, without writing code. The solution provides infrastructure free solution for developers, startups and enterprises, to build mobile solutions that doesn’t require great skills, experience and technology expertise.

Take a look at the brief introduction video here

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