PreviewIT – Preview your application before making live

Jigar Panchal

PreviewIT allows the user to preview the app during the configuration process. It provides live – Real-time – a preview of the app while you work on them. It fetches actual data from API and gives feeling if you are working on the actual application on your own device screen.  This enables the user to test the app while developing without installing and integrate changes on the go. The application also proposes a seamless preview experience – allowing the user to either refresh the entire app to preview or instantly revive the current screen.


This unique application is available on Apple Store and Google Play store to download for Free. The application has got many features apart from just reviewing the App:

  •         100% Native Preview

This app allows you to preview the output of either the real app or prototype. Check into the Preview app and take a sneak peek into your application. It can work as a trailer for the whole app.

  •         Real-Time Preview

Checking the progress of the app while you work on without installing it, is possible with PreviewIT. Real-time preview works hand-in-hand with the development. Each change either in configuration or in data reflects at once in the PreviewIT app.

  •         No frequent re-compiling

This peeping app provides no-compiling and in turn, no waiting time for refreshing the app or screen. Earlier build was to re-compile the app before running it again, however, with this previewing app now we do not need it. No little change will hamper the work and consume the time in compiling, instead will save time and preview the app immediately.

  •         Grant Access

Don’t enjoy previewing the app alone but share it with your testing team or clients by providing them with access.  Only the person with access rights can view the app and provide their feedback.

  •         Record Activity

The user can be given the opportunity to record video, which can be used for live bug reporting, and those videos can be used to share with the developer.

  •         Take Notes

Either the owner or the one with whom the app is shared can note for bugs or suggestions or feedbacks for each screen can be added in this app.

  •         Live Data

Testing application with live data with the data sources as you have configured is possible with PreviewIT. No test data/placeholders to check how the app will look like and how the data will be displayed.

  •         Preview Templates

Apart from previewing your application, there are plenty of in-built templates which can serve the purpose of learning our platform – Configure.IT. These templates can be used as ready-to-use projects. Beyond your own projects, you can look into other projects showcased as a portfolio to get more insight into what configure.IT offers!

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