Promoting Your App Online

Jigar Panchal

You had a great idea for an app, you’ve even built it. But just building an app is not enough, is it? It must attract the target users in a way that they feel compelled to give it a try or a need to download it. And in order to attract the target users, they must be made aware of the app.Promoting Your App Online

We all know this has to be done. But the key word here is – HOW?

If done right, promoting your app online can be fastest way to spread awareness about your app. Now, you can either hire an online marketing professional or take the task upon yourself. If you’ve decided to go with the latter, here a few ways you can start marketing your app online.


  1. Create a Facebook group

Create a group on Facebook and add people who are most likely to be interested in your app or are tech enthusiasts. Then, request them to invite their friends with similar interests, creating a snowball effect. Post regular updates about your app, that way, you can set awareness about your app in motion.

2. Run a contest on social media sitesPromoting Your App Online

You can create dedicated pages for your app or run a contest on social media sites. Contests where users are asked to chain tag their friends will help in giving your app the exposure it needs and create buzz around the app.

3. Gather an email list of potential customers from your micro website

If you don’t already have a website, then you can make one on sites like and put up information about the app. Prompt visitors to fill in their email for regular updates or exclusive discounts on the app. That way you’ll have a bank of email addresses of potential customers.

4. Pitch to review websites

Submit your app to tech websites, e-zines and websites to have it reviewed. If they see your app fit, not only will you get a professional feedback, you might just end up having your app featured on their website. Talk about free publicity!

5. Apply for awardsPromoting Your App Online

Think your app is ‘first of its kind’ or adds a unique value to the user’s life? Then you may want to apply for awards like ‘The Webby Awards’, ‘Apple Design Awards’, etc. This will not only give your app the coverage boost it needs but also credibility.


6. Online press

Look for online tech websites and news journals, contact the writers in the field and send them your pitch. If they’re interested they’ll contact you and if they like your app they might feature it in an article. This way- depending the amount of traffic their website pulls- your app will get free coverage and exposure to their visitors.

7. Create a product video

How the app works, the interface, features and much more can be conveyed through a well-created video. Even a useful how-to video can help you attract potential customers. Create, and publish on sites like YouTube and share the video link on social networking sites.

 8. Facebook adsPromoting Your App Online

This is not unheard of. You place an ad on Facebook with your app’s features on display. This ad will then be advertised to users that are most likely to be interested in your app. You get to choose the amount you want to pay (in a set range), the number of people you want to display your ad to and micro-target your ad audience.

With all of this, your app and it’s USP (which it MUST have), can be promoted to the target audience and hopefully that would result in what we all yearn for – download count going through the roof!

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