Seven Surefire Ways to Make Your Mobile App Successful

Jigar Panchal

At the time of launching an app, what do developers and entrepreneurs think? They wish that its popularity should last long. The blog discusses the steps that prevent app development efforts from going in vain.

Steps to Make App Success

As per a survey, approximately 2 billion smartphones and tablets will ship worldwide by 2017. Another survey says that over the forecast period of 2012-2017, mobile apps’ market is expected to increase at CAGR of 31.7%. What does it mean? It means that we live in the era of smartphones and without business apps no enterprise can excel from competitors.

Developers and entrepreneurs come up with tailor-made apps for getting an advantage of the smartphone popularity and its wide usage. It is rather disturbing and discouraging for both of them if their mobile apps fail in drawing people’s attention.

In other words, after putting all your creativity and efforts in the development, it is painful for the developers and businesspersons that their own apps fail to attract and retain customers. But then, what’s the way out?

Well, you can apply following simple steps in order to avoid a setback in terms of mobile app downloads and usage:

  1. Internal Testing Prior To Deploying: You can use internal user base like colleagues or employees for having a feedback on your apps prior to launch. You can promote your apps internally and ask for their experience. Such internal testing enables them to deliver an almost foolproof app on the app market.
  2. Security and Privacy: Privacy concerns loom large these days among customers. Customers refrain themselves from downloading an app if they’re not sure about its privacy policies and safety features. Particularly, apps related to financial transactions require a greater level of security than other apps. App developers and businesspersons should pay enough attention to both these fields.
  3. Manage Apps: App development platforms offer facility to amend apps these days. Adding customized features has become easier with some of app development platforms. As per changing business requirement, one should modify apps to keep them up-to-date.
  4. Simple App for Seamless Operation: In order to facilitate a seamless operation, the app should be simple and straightforward. With it, a user interface also matters because if an app is not user-friendly and easy-to-access, then very soon people lose their interest.
  5. Stick to the Basics: No need to give complicated and unnecessary functions. Just provide all the basic functions along with advanced features as per business requirements. In order to convert your creativity into reality, mobile app development platforms provide you a large selection of tools, templates, themes, and so forth.
  6. Metrics Evaluation: Some of the mobile technologies allow developers to monitor the number of users, importance of apps to users, etc. Metrics allow them to find the usage frequency as well. They know any significant problem while handling as well through app analytics.
  7. Regular Update: Release of an app is the beginning, not an end of the process. In order to improve user experience, developers and entrepreneurs should update their apps on a regular interval and notify customers about them. It enables them to retain users. Furthermore, for addressing safety and privacy along with changing requirements, up gradation is necessary.

These seven steps surely prevent apps from falling into the category of ‘Dead Apps’ in the app store. Entrepreneurs and developers can certainly increase the appreciation rate of their apps by following them.

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