Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana – Which Voice Assistant App would be more Preferable

Jigar Panchal

Now it’s possible to talk with your favourite mobile device with the voice assistant. This feature allows users to control few things on their smartphones in a hands-free manner. Additionally, voice assistant offers an alternate way for typing queries. Because of the lack of the big touch screens in smart watches and other wearable, this feature will be more preferable among the tech-savvy people.

The trend is started with the Siri – The voice assistant first time introduced by Apple in 2011 with the iPhone 4S and its latest version is available with many new features in iOS 9. Siri was followed by Google Now, one year later. Recently, Google Now is also updated with the new name ‘Now on Tap’ in Android M. And, now Microsoft is also coming into the race with the Cortana.

  • Siri for iOS
  • Siri helps users to perform their daily personal tasks with their iPhones, through voice commands only. Users can ask Siri to read text messages, make calls, check e-mail messages, set a reminder, set or change alarms, play music and get the weather information.

  • Google Now for Android
  • Google Now is based on getting user’s data that matches their context— their location, time of the day, what user have been searching for, and so on. As compared to other Google Now is more simple and easy to access.

  • Cortana for Windows Phone
  • This personal digital assistant was unveiled with Windows Phone 8.1 in 2014. With that users can make calls, set reminders, recognize music, send messages, check calendar and many more.


It’s possible to interact with a recognizable voice in both Cortana and Siri. Siri has an ability to offer an iconic speech across the globe. Moreover, Siri gives a flexibility to switch the output voice that means users can choose either female or male voice. While it is not possible with Cortana as it locks itself to the same voice of Jane Taylor. Additionally, Cortana is able to learn about the uses and understand natural languages easily. Google Now fails in this aspect. While, Siri wins this category because of its customizable voice.

How to Activate

  1. Voice Activation
  2. There are the different ways to activate the above voice assistants. To activate the Google Now is found the most convenient, just need to say ‘Ok Google’. While on the other hand, Siri gets activated automatically whenever the iPhone is connected to a power source such as car charger or charging at home. But, there is no specific voice activation found in Cortana.

  3. Touch Activation
  4. Siri is activated by pressing and holding the home button. While, to access Google Now, touch the home button at the bottom of the device’s screen and swipe up to the “Google” circle. Also, users can quickly access ‘Google Now’ from the lock screen by swiping up from the lock icon, but for that main screen must not protect with a password. And, Cortana is automatically activated with the search button.

Speed and accuracy of delivering answers

One survey says, Siri is taking the lowest amount of time to answer the questions. If, user sends voice command like ‘Where can I watch the trailer of The Terminator’, Siri takes 3.5 second, Google takes 5.47 second and Cortana takes 6 second to reply the question. Moreover, Google Now is best for information searching purpose, with Cortana users can get more accurate weather information and Siri is perfect to get the information speedily.

In a nutshell, we can certainly mention that Siri is doing the best among all its peers, while Google Now is quite close to Siri and Cortana has yet to cover some road.

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