Six Handy Ways to Download & Use Apps Safely and Securely on Mobile Phone

Jigar Panchal

Today, we live in the era in which our routine activities can be maintained and managed by various apps on the move. Whether its App Store or Google Play, every app store witnesses flood of apps. But, everyone should remain cautious while downloading apps in their smart devices as a little negligence can cause you a big trouble.

Here we mention six useful ways to use apps safely on your mobile phones:

  1. Download apps from recognized app stores only
  2. There are chances for malware to enter in the mobile and exploit it, once the app is installed. These chances are increased when the app is downloaded from the less reputed app stores. For instance, Hackers can add their own illegitimate elements with the app and then offer it for free on ‘Peer to peer’ or ‘bulletin boards’ networks. Once the malicious app has been installed in a mobile, hacker can take control over calls, messages and access all the private information from mobile. Yet, an owner may not understand anything what’s going on until it’s too late.

    Thus, avoid downloading the apps from anywhere, instead of preferred recognize or official app stores only.

  3. Be aware of what permissions you are granting
  4. While downloading an app, it will ask about a ‘permission request’ or a ‘permission’ to access certain system or data on the device. Such as navigation apps may ask for permission to use user’s ‘current location’ in order to provide accurate directions and location information. Photo edition apps may ask to gain access on the photos inside mobile.

    Moreover, some apps may ask additional permissions to access some functions. Before allowing app permission, users have to read its terms and conditions very carefully. If, users can find any unusual or feeling uncomfortable with the requested permissions, then cancel the request and try some alternative apps.

  5. Treat the phone as a wallet
  6. Nowadays people are using their smartphone for online transaction and shopping. During this year, there is the highest money transaction through mobile as compared to any other, according to one survey. Because of, apps offer a simple and convenient way for online transaction that helps to save time as well as money. But the other side of the coin is a security issue, the biggest challenge. Users have to protect their mobile through a password, do not forget to logout from the app after using it and download apps from official app stores only.

  7. Be aware about app strategy and roaming
  8. Before downloading an app, understand carefully about the data usage and extra charges. Also, be aware about roaming, while using an app at outside of the country. Many game apps are free at the initial stages of the game, then after to play more stages of the game need to pay money, so be aware of that strategy.

  9. Delete unwanted apps regularly
  10. We are habituated to keep lots of apps in our mobile. Among them few apps are never used and some of them used rarely. These types of apps occupied higher space in mobile that’s why mobile performance goes down and drain the battery.

  11. Consider content ratings
  12. Popular app stores provide content rating. With this rating users can judge whether the app is appropriate for their use or not. But, each app store has its own content rating policy, so users have to be aware about that policy.

    As we keep on increasing the use of mobile devices for various purposes, points mentioned above would help you ensure the safety and security of your devices.

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