Six Trends in Mobile App Development to Rule in 2016

Jigar Panchal

Mobile App Development industry is growing at a bullet speed. According to Statista’s Analysis, the global mobile app revenue is expected to grow to 76.52 billion US dollars by the end of 2017. The way people use the apps is changing dramatically in this trendy era of Internet of Things (IoT) and other latest innovations. It is a necessary thing for all the people who are connected with the app development industry to stay updated with the latest trends.

Here are some of the stats that describe, why the app is necessary for the business success:

  • 85% of people prefer Native Mobile Apps
  • 79% of People use apps everyday on their Smartphone while 52% of people use apps on their tablets on a regular basis.
  • 42% of total mobile sales come from E-commerce Mobile Apps

The above stats clearly define the importance of mobile apps, and it will surely increase in the future as well. But the main thing to keep in consideration is, the app should be user-friendly and attractive. Here we have discussed about some of the mobile app development trends that will provide more shining to the app development industry in 2016.

  1. Quick Mobile App Development
  2. Billions of smartphones available in the world and everyone are starving for the new apps, so to fulfill the app requirement, businesses have to make app development process faster than ever. In 2016 and beyond, developers will need to decrease the time period between the initial app idea and launching of the app. To decrease the app development time and efforts, various rapid app development platforms, no-coding app development tools and other solutions are already available in the market.

  3. Cross-Platform App Development will Rule The Roost
  4. To fulfill the requirements of multiple devices, Cross Platform App Development tools play a vital role. Enterprises can’t rely on any single platform’s app. And to develop apps for multiple platforms with manual coding take lot of time, efforts and money. In 2016, the app development will not be restricted to a single platform, with the help of no-coding cross-platform native app development tools, anyone can develop apps for multiple platforms in minimum time.

  5. Apps with Cloud Technology will get the Top Positions
  6. We can say, in 2016, Cloud Technology will be one of the most essential parts of app development. With this facility, developers can develop apps from different places as well as on different devices with the same functions and content. Today, people are changing their mobile devices frequently, so via cloud facility, they can access the data from any channel as well as from any device.

  7. User Experience and App Analytic will get more Priority
  8. Apps and Mobile devices are still new to the market because everyone is not aware of everything, so to understand the user’s requirements as well as problems, a proper analysis requires. With the help of the user’s app analytic report, one should get informative data of user experience. So by doing proper analysis, developers can improve the things and provide better user experience. In this competitive world, if you can’t impress your user, there are hundreds of other vendors available in the market who will do that. So, to remain in the market, one should get connected with their app users and will need to provide what they want in the app.

  9. IoT (Internet of Things) will be the Talk of the Town
  10. IoT will make the things more smarter. App development will become a completely different game. There will be various things like smart cars or we can say, smart toasters, smart refrigerators, etc. and these things will be available in every household. IoT is introduced with an increasingly wired globe albeit in an incipient stage, in the form of Virtual Private Networks and a broad range of sensor enabled devices.

  11. More Emphasize on App Security
  12. To provide safety and security to the mobile apps will be in priority work for all the developers in the coming years. As per the survey, in 2015, more than 75% of mobile apps got failed in the security test. App security will be considered as one of the most serious concerns in future.

As technology grows further, the mobile app development trends will change accordingly. Today, the apps are a part of a user’s life and to provide an app with all the features the user want will be the main focus point for all the developers. Let’s hope, the above trends are going to make some positive changes in the world to come!

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