Some of the Most Interesting announcements from Google I/O 2016 Event

Jigar Panchal

One of the biggest events of this month, Google I/O has given so many things to explore ourselves. This event always brings a number of impressive gadgets and services.

This post contains detailed information about the Google I/O announcements such as Google Home, Android N and many more. You will get to know everything here, that was happening in the event.

  1. Google’s virtual Assistant
  2. Google Virtual Assistant

    To compete with Siri, Alexa and Cortana, Google is coming up with Google Virtual Assistant. This is the same as today’s “Google Now” but some extra features added in it. Google Assistance will converse with you easily and understand you better compared to Google Now. It will learn the thing better and provide you the most matched thing that you want with more accuracy.

    Let’s take an example to understand this thing at better way. If I ask the Google assistant that ” Which Movie is playing nearby?” then I will get the further options like, ” I’m bringing the kids?” or some other as well to get the smart result. It will learn from the previous queries and provide more accurate results.

  3. Google Home
  4. Google Home

    To give a tough competition to Amazon Echo, Google is coming up with Google Home. With this device you can tie all your connected devices together.

    No need to keep this device besides you, put it any corner of your home. The microphones of this device are really awesome, it will get your commands and queries easily. You can handle all your tasks without touching the device whether you want to know the meaning of any hard word or in need of shifting the appointments.

    Google Home is working on the basis of IoT. Echo is also working with the same manner. In both, Nest integration is given, but Google additionally stated that developers can work to make more devices compatible in the coming days.

  5. Android N – O Name
  6. Android N

    Everyone was waiting for the announcement of Android N, and Google gave a big surprise to all. Google has not decided the official moniker for Android N.

    On this situation, Google said, “N” is a very much tougher challenge for them compared to the previous OS. Google has given a chance to every human being to suggest a name.

  7. Daydream
  8. Google Daydream

    Daydream is nothing but an Android VR. This will surely take push VR on Android to higher stages. Everyone is aware of Google Cardboard, as same the framework of Daydream has been developed by Google, but now the game is on developers hand, how they are creating the apps, games and provide a better experience to users.

    In the event, Google also showed various off sketches of a reference VR headset with a Wii-like remote. Now people can get the experience of motion-controlled gaming and simple user interface navigation via the Daydream headset.

    Htc, Samsung and many more companies are in the list declared by Google whose devices will be “Daydream-compatible”.

  9. Android Instant Apps
  10. android-instant-apps

    This was something extra-ordinary. In Google I/O, they showed a proof of concept named Android Instant Apps. With this, a user can use apps without downloading them. A shocking thing, but a good technique used in this concept, the traditional app download route.

    For example, you are shopping via eCommerce, and you reach on the URL of that website whose page is not properly optimized for mobile. At this time, Android Instant Apps quickly downloads only the most required elements for purchase, not more than that.

    So via this concept, a person can use the app instantly without downloading and use it as per the requirements. So now, there is no need to download apps that are only required for some time.

These are some of the most interesting announcements from Google I/O event. Daydream and Android N are the main things we are looking forward to. Configure.IT will surely try to provide all the required facility that needed in app development for Daydream and Android N apps. We always love to accept new technologies and concepts. So accept Configure.IT, A no-coding concurrent mobile app development platform as your app development partner and let’s grow together.

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