Swift Swiftly Gains Ground- Here Are the Five Reasons for It

Jigar Panchal

It was June 2014 when Apple had officially launched Swift programming language for making iOS and OS X apps in its annual WWDC event. Since then, it is climbing new heights of popularity among app developers.

These days, many programming languages are available for making customized apps. A long-lasting debate about the most popular language is still going on, but, very few programming languages can make it big in app development domain and win the hearts of developers. Where is Swift’s older cousin Objective-C these days? Although, Swift is a modified version of Objective-C language, developers welcome it like anything.

The best part about Swift is its quick and easy transition from Objective-C language. In addition, developers find it more comfortable than its predecessor for creating touch-sensitive apps with features like gesture recognition.

Following are some other reasons that give Swift the place in the key mobile app development trends of present year:

  1. Reduces time and efforts: Swift was introduced by Apple particularly for serving this objective. Being more flexible, accessible, and readable language, it significantly reduces both time and efforts of developers. It also facilitates developers to gain more with less code.
  2. Facilitates beginners: It is easy-to-learn language even for beginners as the syntax for functions and methods are essentially the same and beginners can readily read and write code.
  3. Offers many features: It has many innovative features like tuples, operating overloading, generics, etc. Many developers welcome such features.
  4. Facilitates more stable apps: When developers work with APIs called by unknown consumers, Swift facilitates their ability to write stable apps. In addition, one of its feature Generics enables developers to avoid duplication.
  5. Evolving language: Apple continuously evolves Swift to cope with technological advancements and that facilitates developers to take benefits of the latest app development technology.

Cupertino covey does well in terms of implementing innovative and inventive ideas while developing Swift language. Today, Swift has become the most preferred language for the programmers across the world because of such reasons.

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