Switch all iOS Apps To 64-Bit Code- Beneficial for Businesses or Just an Unproductive Move

Jigar Panchal

The tech giant Apple has announced that from February 1, 2015 onward, developers can submit only those iOS apps, which have 64-Bit support. Let’s know the reasons for such notification along with iOS app development process for enterprises.

64 bit Apple Apps

The Cupertino camp has already notified app developers through an email that they accept only those iOS apps that have 64-bit compatibility from February 1st onward. It’s not that the tech giant is going to dismiss existing apps from the App Store, but switch from 32-bit to 64-bit is necessary for all existing and new iOS apps along with updates.

Here, the question arises: Is the move beneficial or unrewarding for businesses?

In order to obtain an answer, we need to know about benefits of 64-bit code.

Benefits of 64-bit Code

  • It enhances apps’ performance. Superior performance leads to a better user experience. Who can deny the importance of better users’ experience for promoting business?
  • It helps apps to run on both A7 and A8 chips, which mean that apps have got better penetration among the Apple devices worldwide.
  • As the latest iOS 8 has been built for 64-bit code, the support is necessary for gaining optimum results in both performance and operation of apps.
  • Large business apps along with numerous data and rich graphics require 64-bit architecture and OS for the seamless operation.
  • 64-bit OS increases the capacity of the processor. Some apps use more part of available memory than others in order to perform better. Such apps always require 64-bit architecture.
  • It runs faster than 32-bit code. Furthermore, if only 64-bit apps run on a compatible device, no need to waste memory on loading 32-bit libraries (which include UlKit, CoreData, etc.).

In brief, 64-bit code provides an edge to iOS apps in terms of performance and operation. The 64-bit version has the noticeable benefits over the 32-bit version. It has numerous benefits for enterprises, so Apple notification for developers comes as a blessing for entrepreneurs.

What Companies Can Do?

It is a daunting task for companies to switch existing business apps from 32-bit to 64-bit. It requires coding and most of the entrepreneurs or non-technical persons are incapable of change codes of mobile apps. They give apps to developers for switching, which is time-consuming and somewhat costly process.

There, technology lends a helping hand for businesspersons. An online app development platform provides a unique solution for both developing and modifying tailor-made apps to entrepreneurs and non-technical persons.

Online app development platform- the most innovative way to develop customized apps

Such platform enables people to create customized mobile apps without coding. Some of the most innovative platforms already provide a facility to develop iOS apps in 64-bit infrastructure, which means that you can directly make apps with a prerequisite before deploying them on the App Store. Furthermore, such platforms are providing preview facility as well before deployment.

So, get ready to switch your apps from 32-bit to 64-bit, or make a tailor-made app with desired features with ease through such platform.

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