The Automatization of Mobile App Development

Jigar Panchal

I don’t belong to this generation; when I started learning computer programming it was all different. The programming was based on trial and error and all what we had were the traditional tools (a text editor!) to work on. Thanks to the contemporary technology that allows me to update my knowledge and appreciate the science that has come its long way. Especially, I’m talking about building a customized mobile application without having known the basics of coding.

Automatization of mobile app development

Automatization of mobile app development

The rudiments of programming need not apply when you do coding today and that’s the beauty I found in online mobile app building tools available for free. Trust me, I would not have envisaged such a tool twenty years back. A lot has changed in programming but online mobile app building platforms are truly revolutionary. Anyone who can fog a mirror can build an app today and this is nothing less than a dream for a person like me.

While we spent a lot of time writing a thousand-lined code and marketing it a little, today the app can be generated in a few minutes and quality time can be spent marketing it across the world. If anyone has ever read The E-Myth, they know that most of the business owners work in their business rather than on business! Everything is automatized today, including mobile app development. In this way, you can surely work on your business without being worried about the resources, quality coding and adding workforce to your present staff.

I do computer programming a fuddy-duddy way but then I’m not a troglodyte! I’m all eyes and ears when it comes to the latest technology inventions and trending stuff. The app building is not just restricted to some product or service. It can be for your blog, business, personal use or even a powerful social media tool. With a very little investment (Ah, there are many mobile app builder online available free of cost) you can literally generate mobile applications.

Not just individuals, I have read that mobile app developing platforms are widely used in enterprises and companies that are into mobile and web development. A significant among of time, money and workforce can be saved using these tools. While mobile technology is on the rage, I feel this tool has come apropos.

Cloud based computing serves as an icing on the cake which takes care of everything including mammoth database. While everything is managed on the server side, mobile app building tools leave no stone unturned in giving the users the ease of mobile app coding on the front end. In fact, there are some tools that even offer web services, patent database, APIs to connect and server to take care of database. Heck, what else is left now!

If a complete automatization is not enough in developing a mobile app, the programmers can put their libraries and import database. Furthermore, they can write their own code without being restricted to the built-in libraries, icons, coding or any such element.

Though many programmers of my age may not adapt to the contemporary tool like an online mobile application development platform, I’d certainly vote in favor of this rather than tackling a cumbersome piece of coding in our style! Cheers.

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