The Best 6 Wearable Gadgets, You should know

Jigar Panchal

Wearable technology has moved beyond fancy prototypes and firmly established itself as an evolving product category. Nowadays, wearable technology is becoming more common and companies have started creating a steady stream of new devices that can be worn on the wrist, head, eyes and body for communication. Here is a glimpse of newbie and most effective wearable gadgets with their potential applications.

Microsoft HoloLens

microsoft hololens

HoloLens is an augmented reality headset, announced by Microsoft. This headset is working on the principle of holography. HoloLens creates virtual 3D images and videos onto real objects around them, that’s why there are chances that HoloLens will become the most popular gadget in the future. Moreover, there’s no keyboard or controller, the HoloLens is controlled entirely by gestures and voice. The only physical controls on the device are the power switch, a volume button and contrast controls for the holographic lenses. The Developer Edition of this device will be made available in early 2016, costing a staggering $3,000.



Thync is a small device that users can stick on their front temple. It works by delivering waveforms to the brain via electric pulses that helps to stimulate neural pathways as a way of helping people calm down when they’re feeling languid or boost their energy.

Thync is a wireless device, it connects with smartphones or tablets through (iOS only) Bluetooth only. Moreover, users can control this device with its official app only. Users have to pay $299 for this device, including four packs of sticky strips, with five strips in each pack.

Nymi Band

Nymi wristband

In this tech era, security is a huge issue for online payment transactions. Thus, Nymi Band offers a feasible solution for security purpose. It is a wearable security device that uses user’s electrocardiogram as a biometric identifier for authentication. Users can use this band to make payments, access their computers and to unlock doors. The price of Nymi Band Discovery Kit is $149.

Google Cardboard

Google virtual reality cardboard

Google Cardboard is an inexpensive virtual reality system. Cardboard can turn the Android phone into a neat virtual reality headset. This device is made up of cardboard, with two lenses separated inside at a particular distance. Google Cardboard works by placing a smartphone at the optimal distance away from the lenses. And the price of this gadget is up to $20.

Polyera Wove Band

Polyera Wove Band

This is the first device whose entire band is a digital display with a pliable touch screen that can bend and flex repeatedly, without damaging the display. This display is created using the Polyera’s Digital Fabric technology. Wove runs on a variant of android and has a similar width of the apple watch. Just by tapping the screen, users can get the weather forecasts, news headlines, and emails.



As we know that text messaging has replaced long phone calls, similarly text messaging are going to be replaced by personal sensory messages known as “tacts”. Users can send and receive the messages in the form of vibration, illumination, nudge and warming sensations via a circular custom device called TACTPuck.

Wearable technology is one of the fastest growing and widely accepted technologies. But, the major challenge faced by the developers is the uniqueness of new upcoming devices with newer and better functions.

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