The Bunch of Announcements From Configure.IT To Make the User-Experience Easy & Smooth

Jigar Panchal

Hello Everyone. Configure.IT, A revolutionary mobile app development platform will be going to do multiple launching on 2nd May, 2016, that you will surely love. Here are they:

  1. Swift 2.0 code for iOS
  2. Swift 2.0

    On May 2, 2016 , users will be able to download the entire iOS app source code in Swift 2.0 for robust performance with faster, lightweight and future ready apps. Currently the source code is available in only Objective-C. So experience this new feature of Configure.IT from 2nd May, 2016 to make your app development more user-friendly. Read More

  3. Migrate From Parse in Minutes
  4. Parse Alternative

    After the shutdown of Parse, a large number of developers and companies looking for a reliable Parse alternative. So by analyzing the market and doing proper research, we have developed a Parse Data Migration Tool for moving your existing parse back-end by migrating all of your classes, objects and users’ data to Configure.IT in the matter of minutes. We are launching this Parse Data Migration Tool on 2nd May, 2016. Read More

  5. Let us be your “Host”
  6. ConfigureIT Cloud Hosting

    So when we are providing mostly all of the services to make your mobile app development better, we are going to add some more Choco-Chips into your ice-cream by launching Hosting Services. From 2nd May, 2016, you can host your back-end with us, for efficient and powerful Configure.IT Cloud hosting, to be as a part of Configure.IT subscription without additional fee. Read More

  7. Gears App
  8. ConfigureIT pricing

    Gears App is available for iOS and Android that anyone can download it at free of cost. This app is made via Configure.IT, user can use it as a reference to know how to implement different UI Controls. User will get this app in the account as a sample project.

  9. New Pricing
  10. ConfigureIT New Pricing

    Last but not the least. We heard you loud and clear in your responses to our recent pricing survey. We are going to announce our new pricing. And – we are sure you’ll love it! On 2nd May, 2016, we are launching our new pricing that will be suitable for Students, Developers as well as Enterprises.

Still want more? Here are they:

  • New Design of Help Center
  • After getting so many reviews from the users about help center design, we finally decided to make the help center design attractive and more user-friendly. We are going to launch the new design on 2nd May, 2016. You are welcome to give your valuable feedback.

  • Demo Projects for Instant Help
  • Now, whenever you log in to your account, you will find some demo (Sample) project there. These projects are made via Configure.IT so with these sample projects users can solve their queries instantly.

We hope with our efforts, we can provide you far better services compared to your expectation. The whole team is working towards the same goal to make the app development easier and effective. Thank You. Have a Good Day.

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