The Count Down Has Begun

Jigar Panchal

With immense pleasure and happiness, we announce that we are about to launch our full version of Configure.IT –A Complete Mobile Apps Development Platform. Previously, we had our beta version. With this launch of Configure.IT, anyone can register as a free or paid user and can take advantage of the tools provided. We are already receiving thousands of emails and Invite Requests, but unfortunately we are not in a position to reply each and every email or request. Soon we will be in touch with all of you. So let’s wait until we fully launch it. Your feedback is more important to us to improve the system, which in turn, renders user satisfaction. This is why, we will expect your neutral feedback after you use the system. With this launch of Configure.IT, our HelpCenter, eventually support system, will be live to guide you in each and every way. We would also like to thank you for your patience with us for the full version launch. Our goal is and will remain, the user satisfaction.

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