The future of mobile app development is automated development tools

Jigar Panchal

App stores witness a surge in the number of applications. Enterprises find it difficult to stand out from the crowd in highly competitive mobile app environment. There, an online app development platform lends a helping hand. It seems that the future of mobile app development lies in automated mobile app development.

As increasing the technology by leaps and bounds, people start to use the mobile apps more, to save time as well as money. Nowadays people find their each problem’s solution through the app. Mobile app becomes an essential part of the life, people are using the various types of apps for shopping, social networking, banking, travel, education, sports and many more.

Millions of apps are available in leading app stores, still there is an app gap between demand and supply. Thus, it’s a great opportunity for the people who want to make their career as an app developer. But, before starting to build a carrier as an app developer, people need to be aware regarding app revenue.

The survey from flurry indicates that 17% of app builders earn just like nothing, 35% of developers earn in between $ 1 to $1000 per month. Means total 52% of app developers, who earn less than $1000 per month.

To save the developers to fall below the app poverty line, developers should focus on app development cost. There is the only one way to build an app with the minimum app development cost – Automated mobile app development process.

What is automated mobile app development?

Mobile App development without writing code is known as automated app development.

Benefits of Automated App Development tools

  1. Save time, efforts and money
  2. Automated app development tools are equipped with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Developers have no need to write a single line of code to build an app. Means, without learning a hard programming language, app development is possible, so non-technical staff can get involved. Thus, no need to hire app developers or contact a company to build an app that save lots of money. Moreover, developers can build an app within a day rather than months that cut down the app development time and efforts.

  3. Bug free app development
  4. According to one survey, the vast majority of apps is shipped with around one to ten bugs. There are maximum chances of the bugs while developing an app through hand coding – a lengthy and hard app developing process. To build a bug free app, developers should use automated app development tools that help to build an app without writing a single line of code. So, code-less app development environment can save the apps from bugs.

  5. Build an app with a great user experience
  6. User experience is an extremely important feature to build an app. No coding app development tools help to build a user-friendly, very effective and valuable app to attract the targeted users. Developers can get the ready app designs with no coding app development tools that help to build an app having a great user experience, and great UX helps to reduce the support costs, increase the ratio of customer satisfaction and increase the number of users.

  7. Build a native mobile app
  8. There are many no coding app development tools available to build a native mobile app, from which Configure.IT is proven to be the best one. Developers can build an app with multi-touch, fast graphic API, fluid animation and easy to use.

  9. Build a market ready app
  10. To build an app for a particular operating system, developers need to follow the particular platform criteria. But, automated app development tools are designed in a way to build a particular platform-based apps just by drag and drop feature. Thus, developers can get an app approval easily while submitting the app for a particular app store.

Majority of developers have a dream that one day their apps will be like ‘Angry Bird’ app. But, a very few of them can turn this dream into reality, because once the app is finished and ready to launch, their similar app has already taken its place in an app store. Therefore, it is better to convert the ideas into reality & start to develop your first app with automated app development tools.

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