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Jigar Panchal

App development isn’t what it was even half a decade back. Apps today aren’t only made for businesses; everyone from the common man on the street to employees of corporations is using apps to do everything from book movie tickets to design a new website.

While apps and their capabilities have changed, app development remains a tiresome process.

The Different Types of App Developers
The relevant question to ask is – are the opportunities for the popularity in application market matched with a development in the platforms available to developers to build such apps? In other words, has the perfect app development platform been thought of yet? To know this, it is important first to look at the type of platforms available, and the work developers are doing.

How can you draw a distinction between the different kinds of developers?

– On one hand you have a professional developer, whose job it is to create apps, and is an expert at coding.
– On the other hand, you have citizen developers, who don’t know programming or have the technology expertise for building apps.

The fact is – the citizen developers aren’t the pros, and their job isn’t to make apps and get paid for doing so. They know what problem they want to solve through app, and are generally not thoroughly proficient in coding. They merely use the tools available to build applications for the purpose of helping their team or organisation in their work.

Present App Development Platforms Just Isn’t Up For It
The current state of the app development platform requires you to dig down too much in the coding or either they’re at a ceiling to help you build a generic app. The App Development process in any case requires some of the key ingredients irrespective of the approach. The drag and drop app builders also have it – but they’re kept in stealth from the users so that they don’t have to worry about it. However, this does restrict them from building something personalized and customized specific to a use-case.

  • A backend to host your data
  • Data Integration API (For backend, social connectivity and enterprise connectivity)
  • Customized App Interface

Additionally, each part of app customization can take a lot of time, and deployment can be tedious. You would have to move through different environments, making the app development process a lot complex and lengthy.

Add to it the fact that you would need to integrate API, Analytics and other customizations part by part, and then test it out to see if it’s going right.

Why An Integrated Approach is Necessary

You need an approach that can help you perform app development in an integrated environment. The different rapid mobile application development tools available today serve only part of the whole theory of app development. Practical use cases require much wider freedom and control over the tool you choose to build the app. Below are some of the turn key benefits that one should look to leverage while choosing the app development platform that doesn’t need you to worry about infrastructure, technology implementation and the expertise.

These platforms should speed everything up because the developer does not have to work from scratch to even build basic features. Compared to traditional app development, this takes a fraction of the time to build. So if an app is required in a short span of time, the integrated platform is a great option.

These platforms are made for those who are not experts at app building and thus are made such that they can be intuitively used. There is no time wasted in learning how to operate the platform or to gain specialised expert knowledge.

This option is definitely more affordable than getting a pro to make your app for you. For simple, less complicated apps, organisations prefer this method. While you wouldn’t need to learn complex coding, you can only design simple apps, which remained a major worry in this approach.

This kind of approach, which focuses on integration, has the benefit of simplifying the complexity that the creation, setup and operation of a backend bring forward for any application.

This is extremely important from the point of view of an organisation. When you look at a most mobile application, you will find that the kind of feature sets they need for their backends are not all that dissimilar.

An integrated platform offers a certain level of consistency by having a unified method to access these different services through the software development kits.

The IoT of development – Configure.IT
If you’re looking to create Disposable apps for short-term purposes, without having to worry about the tedious integration processes, you’re looking for an integrated platform that does not require a coder’s special knowledge – but something offers the ease, quick onboarding along with security and stability you need.

You need a SINGLE platform that can help you develop native apps and backend on a single platform, without coding and making it real easy – an innovative approach possible with Configure.IT. The Swiss knife approach of Configure.IT helps you do all your coding work, from app integration to create distribution ready solutions, right in your browser.

  1. Code or not code – Choose if you want to code when required, or you can just build with intuitive GUI.
  2. Get native source code – You can download the full source and back end and customise as per your wish.
  3. Develop for concurrent platforms – You can simultaneously develop for iOS and Android, with zero extra effort.
  4. Reduce IT costs – Since you are using a platform that is a 100% browser-based, you have no need for extensive software, hardware or maintenance staff.
  5. Have full control – You have complete control over deployment and distribution.
  6. Customize – Not using code doesn’t mean your choice is restrained to a few templates.

You can create apps right within a single browser window, complete it fast without having to use different environments, savings tens and hundreds of hours!

Why you would love using Configure.IT?
For large companies, app demands are many. You might want one for your organization. One to reach out to your customers. Or one to specifically improve team collaboration. These diverse app needs mean that organizations often spend on app infrastructure and IT teams that can significantly push up the costs. You may also need to outsource some of your needs which can lead to problems when it comes to quality and teamwork.

With Configure.IT, you get a third viable alternative where the cost is a fraction of both these methods.
Configure.IT is best for situations when you’re looking to develop an app for an event that is a short while away. You can make one easily with this integrated approach, in a single browser, without having to worry about anything else. And yes, you can add in all the coding you need if you want to, right in the browser, offering the perfect integrated app development experience.

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