The Most Uncommon Android Development Mistakes – Developers should be Aware of

Jigar Panchal

For developers, it is better to build an application for Android Platform as it has covered a huge part of the mobile market. While developing the app for android platform and getting the higher rank in google play store, developer should avoid the most uncommon mistakes as described below:

1. Lack of knowledge about the Android Guidelines:

If developers do not properly follow the Android App Development Guidelines to develop the app that will affect app ranking in Google Play Store and the number of app downloads will be decreased. So it is recommended to follow the guidelines properly that covers how to do design, development, distribution and marketing of the Android app.

2. Porting an iOS app to Android:

Android has its vast User Interface (UI) elements. Adopt directly iOS app for Android without any significant change that may create a big problem for the users. Like Android has a return, home, and recent buttons while iOS has only one home button. So before migrating from iOS to Android, developers should redesign application properly.

3.Lack of knowledge about Bitmaps:

Users highly attract by the images that are displayed on the screen. Developer need to select images with high clarity & compressed size, to solve the loading time issue, because, an image that display on the screen, it loads into the memory first. Large images occupy more space in RAM, this thing can create a problem in smaller RAM size smartphones. Sometime it can also kill the application.

4.Use of Improper Fragments:

The idea of fragment brings a big revolution for Android OS. Fragments help a lot to optimize UI for various screens and are easily manageable and reusable. The developer can merge them as well. So it is necessary to use fragments whenever it’s possible.

5.Not Supporting Multiple Device Resolution:

In the Smartphone development industry, the Android OS is the king, a huge amount of devices running on this OS. So, the developers have to do hard work to build a unique app which supports every Android device. For that, lots of tools are available in the Android SDK, by that you can create layouts that are independent of the screen size as well as screen resolution.

6.Not using Saleable Icons:

The icon image of the app must have an impressive design that impacts a lot on the user’s mind. Who knows, a well-designed icon can also be the reason for the popularity of the app. These types of little things help to make your application famous in between the users.

7.Blocking the main Thread:

The response of User Interface is done by the main thread. If the users will get the delay feedback that means your application is not running in a proper way that creates a negative impact on the user’s mind.

As an Android App Developers, the above points must be taken care of properly. These are the common mistakes that most of the developers are doing now a days. So take care of every little thing, it will increase the popularity & downloads of your app.

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