Why Mobile Roadmap for many businesses hit dead end?

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Jigar Panchal

Let’s face it. Though mobility can bring a radical change in business operations, many entrepreneurs still sit on the fence as they have no idea about integrating mobile applications with their business systems.

The recent report from a renowned research firm Gartner has revealed that businesses struggle to make processes up-to-date as they don’t know the method of approaching mobile app development. Implementation of mobile strategy using customized business app restrains many business persons to modernizing the core processes.

Let us take two seemingly contradictory scenarios to understand the reasons for entrepreneurs’ dilemma:

App demand is high, app development priority is low

Nowadays, industries witness the highest demand for customized apps than ever, as customers and stakeholders want access to useful information on their smart devices on anywhere, anytime basis. In spite of surging demand for an enterprise app, entrepreneurs hesitate to opt for a mobile app. Most of such entrepreneurs remain in the dark about integrating custom mobile apps with their ongoing business processes. These entrepreneurs tend to follow the legacy business system, and unwilling to spend even a reasonable chunk of working capital on developing mobile applications. Therefore, they give less priority to app development.

Only entrepreneurs are not at fault

Believe it or not, some of the software developers are also responsible for entrepreneurs’ reluctance. At times, some of the app developers come up with a complex solution due to insufficient knowledge of the client’s business model ruining all the objectives of a customized business app. Companies get failed to combine such an ill-prepared app with business operations resulting permanent damage to reputation.

Also, mobile technology is rapidly advancing, and companies need to update their apps on a regular basis to stay ahead in the competition. Some of the companies cannot deal with this as they have a limited budget and their employees have limited technical knowledge.

Importance of mobile apps

Today, a mobile app with customized features plays a vital role in expanding business while simplifying complexities. Entrepreneurs can transform their traditional business operations into digital processes and engage both existing and prospective customers with ease with the help of customized business apps.

Mobile apps can also act as a marketing tool as business persons can notify customers about the latest schemes and promotional offers while establishing relationships. A mobile app with user-friendly navigation and native features with seamless performance can give a competitive edge to entrepreneurs. But then, they have to either spend a lot of time in developing customized apps or hire a software company at high rates. Also, entrepreneurs have to manage and update their apps regularly to leverage the benefits of technological advancements. These are some of the hurdles in the way of implementing mobility in work culture.

Rapid Mobile App Development is the remedy

Technology comes to rescue for entrepreneurs. These days, several rapid mobile app development tools are available that take care of every aspect of app development. Entrepreneurs can swiftly develop an app from scratch without any technical knowledge or coding skills using such tools. Development of readily customizable apps in less time at relatively low cost is the main characteristic of RMAD tools.

Configure.IT is one such tool that enables entrepreneurs to create a mobile app with necessary features without a single line of code through its vast library. It efficiently handles every aspect of a mobile app from development to deployment for making entrepreneurs free from any worries.

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