Why Small Businesses Need An App

Jigar Panchal

On any given day people spend more time looking at their mobile screens than a TV or on any other activity. Which means a person is more likely to see a downloaded app than a TV advertisement or billboard. And there’s a good reason why- in extension to their social media pages and websites- major businesses invest in building an app.

Visibility and direct marketing. Ofcourse, that isn’t the only reason.

But why should a small business invest in building an app?

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The phrase ‘out of sight, out of mind’ cannot get any truer in this age of fast moving information. This makes it imperative for businesses to stay visible to its customers at all times. With a visual design, an app makes this possible with the brand’s icon ever present on the mobile screen of the user. The result? Better visibility, recall and recognition.

An app serves as one of the best marketing tools in today’s times with the integration of push notifications. This means users are instantly updated about your business’ latest projects, new services or products, offers, etc.

Loyalty points, credits, promos, exclusive deals, etc on an app, will help provide value to your customers. Being a small business this might help you to stand out from your local competition and increase customer loyalty.


Maybe a customer wants to know more about your services, has doubts, or needs a status update on his/her order, etc. If your business is service based, then an app can help you give better customer service to its users and enhance customer relationships. And because using an app is simple and less tedious- users are more likely to drop their valuable feedback. This in-turn will help improve customer engagement.

You’ve opened a second branch of your store, or added a host of new services, or maybe even added a new range of merchandise and want your loyal customers to know what’s new. An app forms the perfect platform to showcase all of these and let the users know about your latest additions. Since apps allow a variety of online transactions, you can have your own e-commerce on the app and increase sales and repeat visits.


Almost everyone we know is on social media. This translates to the importance of the impact social media can have over a business. Aren’t we more likely to visit a place or use services of a business recommended by someone we know? Social integration in your app can boost your chances of acquiring new customers and in building a stronger social media presence.

So now you’re convinced that your business needs an app, but worry that getting one might turn out to be a long, time-consuming and expensive ordeal? Fret not. With platforms like configure.it you can build your own app with minimum coding in the shortest turnaround time possible. You can even avail services from platform like ours where we help you design and build the app for you.

If your business already has an app, then you’re probably doing it right. But if you don’t, it’s still not too late to get one!

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