Why Students Should Make Apps

Jigar Panchal

It’s a big world out there and for a student it’s a world of opportunities. Everything you do, will either add to your portfolio or be a learning experience.
This is especially in the case of students who have an interest in pursuing a career in development. The earlier you get a practical experience, the better. Here are a few reasons why you should start building your own app

The phrase ‘practice makes man perfect’ is no lie. The more you do something, more the chances of you getting better at it. App building is no child’s play, and If you have already chosen development as your career path then there’s no such thing as ‘too early’ for practicing.

Helps you hone your developing and creative skills
Whether it’s a website or an app, development is a combination of logic and creativity. Building apps helps you streamline and sharpen your skills that play a vital role in developing any successful program. This means better sense of understanding in aesthetics and critical thinking.




Makes you better at problem solving
Developing apps is a complex process. With numerous flows it’s cumbersome and requires a lot patience and hard work. Bugs are just one of the problems programmers faces. How quickly and how well a developer solves all the issues while making an app or website is largely dependent on whether he has had enough hands on experience.

Side money
Apps are great in either adding value to the user or for just plain entertainment. For students, it can be a source of side income, who wish earn an extra buck while still deep in their books. With so many options of making money through apps, like ads, in app purchases, etc., a student can easily make some moolah on his way to graduation.




Giving back to the community
Do you have an idea for an app that hasn’t been thought of yet and may take care of an issue that was left unnoticed for all this while? Or maybe fill a service void or cater to a very niche market. Whatever your brilliant idea maybe, if it helps users in a unique way and addresses something that has been left ignored for so long, you can think of it as your way of giving back to the community.

Build your resume
It’s a competitive world out there and building a strong resume is no joke. With the kind of skills and talent around it becomes hard to set yourself apart. Therefore early practice, knowledge and hands on experience in developing apps adds to your resume before you even pass out from college. This gives you an edge over other students in the eyes of your prospective employers. It showcases your skills and abilities at a very practical level and increases your chances of being considered by an employer.




The above are not the only reasons a student should consider building an app. It maybe for educational purpose, as a hobby, part time, to get practical experience, projects, etc. Whatever your reason maybe, it’s never too early to start building your own app and we think Evan Spiegel would agree. Because we value students most of all, we’ve made our platform free for life for you guys, but you have to sign up now before the offer ends- http://bit.ly/CIT-SuperDeal


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