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Jigar Panchal

Many companies across the world offers service of Development of Mobile App and developers keeps on trying all or few of them. Each developer’s requirement for Mobile App is different as the goal of developing Mobile App are not same. As a layman, you always look for a platform which provides easy & user-friendly UI/UX with strong Admin Panel. The platform should suffice all the requirements for Mobile App Development.

All the platform have their own areas to highlight and to hide but user studies & short-lists platforms before leaping into. If a platform provides all the services at one destination, it’s like dream come true.

What is needed for Mobile Development?

  1. Able to develop App for Multiple platforms (as Lots of Mobile Phones are available in Market)
  2. No Restriction at any stage
  3. Least programming (Who likes writing lines of code when drag & drop is available 🙂 )
  4. Single platform for Front End, Back End, Hosting and Deployment
  5. Able to Preview App while building (Curiosity to see the final product, u see)
  6. Liberty to use Template or custom-made App
  7. Full Control over Deployment and Distribution (It’s your App, You MUST have full control!)
  8. Last but not least, access to anything from outside the platform (3rd Party in technical terms!)

All the beginner and advance level programmers would agree that user don’t need anything more than this.

Configure.IT as the best available option with all the above listed ingredients for your proposed App. Develop Apps in iOS and Android for Smartphones as well as Tablets using this emerging platform and impressed with the pace we release new features to enrich the platform. We are proud of our Customer Support as they are feather in the cap. The main benefit is Develop One and get one FREE immediately as Configure.IT provides Concurrent Development for multiple platforms.

We are happy to announce the launch of CIT Hosting Service to our product family to offer to customer as full package. Now user can get what they want from the single destination using fingertips!

Our goal at Configure.IT is to help the community, by providing all the services at one stop, is to let the user focus on the core logic of the App and leave all worries to us. Build you incredible Apps without running your own servers. Sometime you need to create a website which needs to maintain web server as well to host only several files. But by having Hosting Service at the same place, makes the things simpler.

User can manage Admin Panel /Back End from hosted server and host all static content too like HTML, Java Script and CSS etc. Hosting will provide you server space where you can run your App without worrying about scaling and downtime.

What you need to do to add hosting service for your Mobile App at Configure.IT?

  • Click on “Remote Servers” to get redirected on Remote Server Management Page
  • You can see list of all the servers and option to “Add CIT Hosting”
  • Choose your own subdomain name, Your Hosting URL would be subdomain.configureit.co
  • Click on “Deploy Now” button

Don’t forget about remarkable feature of One Click Deployment. Choose your server and click on “Deploy Now” button which will deploy everything needed with only One Click. You also have option to deploy whole project as well as changed file only.

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