11 Best Tips for Android App Developers

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Jigar Panchal

Seeing the popularity and widespread of Android mobile users, making a career as Android App developer attracts fresher as well as change seekers. There are some important things which would help the developer developing an app for either an emerging user or recognized company to grow the chances of success. These essential aspects are crucial for aspiring developers to keep in mind while developing an app for the Android platform.


Here are some vital tricks and tips for developers aiming to be Android App Developers:

1)      Keep yourself updated with latest trends: With the immense popularity Android has recently gained, many apps are introduced daily into Google Play store so keep a continuous eye on latest features people are providing on their app and suggestions or feature requests by trustworthy users. This will lead you to develop one of the best and cater to requirements of the users and put your app on the top of the chart in a short time.


2)     Give importance to design: First impression of the app is created by its design so make your finest efforts to design it uniquely to stand out of the rest and give visually trendsetter app. Adhering to guidelines of the user interface of the Android app will help you design the most suitable and appealing design for your proposed app.


3)     Communities are a good place to learn: Communities where people with common interest meet and discuss their issues and provide solutions to be a member of such genuine communities as there you can have a solution for your any query or even if you are lucky can get partner or projects too.


4)     Have faith in your idea of the app: If you believe that your idea for an app can bring additional value to your target audience’s life and get your money then consider it as a success. Develop your idea well in detail, take feedback and suggestions and turn it into an App.


5)     Showcase your portfolio: As a freelance developer or for better job prospects, you need to exhibit your work samples. This not only attracts more clients but more revenue to your business so building a powerful portfolio will look more appealing.


6)     Understand the Android market: Android market has some peculiar features which differentiate it from other online app markets. A number of Android users are considerably more than any other Operating System in the entire world but generally, they do not prefer to pay for the app. Top chart positions are acquired by gaming applications in Android unlike iOS or any other platform. Keep all these elements while adopting the business model.


7)     Research competitor’s apps: Before implementing your idea, study already existing apps close or exactly matching your idea, learn their strong points and weaknesses, clients rating and review for each of them and decide on features and design of your proposed app based on it.


8)    Iterative testing: Users are smarter than developers so howsoever they manage to find a bug in any app and put a negative review for the app which adversely affects popularity and revenue generation of the app so prior testing of each app iteratively and fixing the bugs improves chances of success of the app and reduces crashes.


9)     Research new platforms: As an Android app developer, you should be aware of all existing and upcoming platforms or tools which make app development easy and time-saving. Configure.IT is one of such emerging platform which provides concurrent app development for iOS and Android. Research on such platforms can make the app development easy and the developer can deliver more projects in a short time.


10) Think Big: Start developing your app as on the very first day it will be downloaded by millions of users as this will enable the developer to develop the scalable app. Thinking on the next level will always give you a chance to design and code which can be extensible at a later stage and cater to an increasing requirement by accommodating future requirements.


11)   Focus to be the industry best developer: You can be what you think, just need to put your hard and smart work in. To cater worldwide users and be expert of the field, you must sharpen your skills regularly and take projects which can show diversified portfolio.


Even passing Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam will add an icing on the cake as it can be a dream for any Android developer to learn from the inventor company itself and get certified from it can be a proud moment.  

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