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Jigar Panchal

Configure.IT has always dreamt of its platform being used by the largest number of users and in order to turn the dream into reality, the doors of CIT is opened for Universities, students and other professional teaching centers. Very reputed universities to local training centers are on the radar of Configure.IT where students can discover infinite opportunities to develop customized mobile applications for the purpose of learning and earning.


Any University can approach Configure.IT and avail the benefits of group learning where students of the registered university can enjoy privilege in online support as well as community or ticket support. Our professionals can work hand-in-hand with professors of the university to teach technical skill using the professional platform.

As the student account with Configure.IT is FREE during their University or school years, teaching institute can leverage the maximum benefits of the tool and teach practical learning or use of the technology. Help Center at Configure.IT is enriched with a number of demo applications, reference materials and plenty of template apps for various industries to quick start the development.

Adoption of latest technology and tool of Configure.IT will help Universities to empower students with hands-on experience and in turn, better career opportunities. Numerous benefits can be acquired by using an App development tool by Universities as under:

  1.       No Infrastructure: Universities / Schools don’t need any infrastructure as students develop applications on their own PC, laptop or tablet. Professionals are always available to answer their queries without even expense of a penny. This helps in reducing cost and promoting lower infrastructure while giving better flexibility and scalability.
  2.      Beyond Courses: Courses of the universities or schools may restrict students to learn certain aspects or technologies only. Access of ever-expanding and ever-updating platform- Configure.IT- will permit students to learn beyond courses or textbook and widen the horizons in today’s competitive world.
  3.      Knowledge outside the classroom: Practical learning or experience is important along with classroom studies and having knowledge or experience of any app development tool can attract more jobs and enrich the curriculum vitae of the student.
  4.      The upper hand in a competitive market: As Configure.IT has an inclusive approach, the student can learn app development of both iOS and Android – both superpowers of mobile operating systems – attracting more career benefits without technology constraints. Students from University or schools promoting such tools get high priority in the list of employers and chances of selection of students from campus are increases. Applied knowledge and experience of app development certainly helps students in carving a niche in today’s oversaturated and highly competitive market.
  5.      Discover creativity and capability: With the drag-and-drop feature, automatic coding will be incorporated within the app which enables students to explore the creativity and develop the idea, focusing only on solving the problem and achieving their goal of adding their own mobile application either in App store or Play store.
  6.      Promote Entrepreneurship: The trend of promoting students to learn any app development platform and develop their own app before completion of their studies inspires students to work on their own and be an entrepreneur in future. Even it provides them with a vocational skill which can be used anytime to earn their bread or add an extra income.
  7.    Totally Free: As this tool is completely free and they just need to provide their ID card, Not Credit card so students and universities can afford to teach/learn an added tool at no extra cost. No cost is involved in registering, managing and sustaining on the platform.

We welcome all the universities and institutes for a fruitful association and together can make the students learn the art of App development with Configure.IT.

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