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Build BackendDatabase API faster
without writing code

No-code platform for backend development, turning your
ideas into reality in the blink of an eye.

Easy to use interface for building apps that allows drag and drop of application components to build web backend.

Get comprehensive access to the complete source code of the backend for further use and customization.

Easy to use interface for building apps that allows drag and drop of application components to build web backend.

Easy to use interface for building apps that allows drag and drop of application components to build web backend.

Disrupt your industry with no code
backend platform

Any logic composed with Codeless is translated into your
programming language code.

API Builder

Build custom APIs without coding using our intuitive API Builder.

Define logic with flowchart and Configure.IT will automatically generate high-level logic of an API.

Effortlessly design your database query with modular query builder. Now leave all your worries about complex syntax and rules.

Design your custom logic with the help of nested loops and conditional flow.

Tightly integrated database objects to define the logic based on data models that are extremely fast.

Add your own piece of code to the execution flow – by adding a function to your project library and inserting a step to call it.

With visual flow chart, quickly understand, debug and modify the logic instead of lines of code.


Organize and control data with our user-friendly Data Panel.

Go limitless by creating relational entities that help you build the functionality you need. e.g. Orders -> Products.

Connect with the remote database server to import selected tables for your project.

Define the DB with smart field templates, such as Address, Email, Password etc. – with tightly integrated validation rules.

Have an existing database to work with? Import the database in the form of .SQL file to jump-start.

Connect with the remote database server to import selected tables for your project.

Connect with the remote database server to import selected tables for your project.

Data Panel

Effortlessly manage and scale your data with powerful database.

Create your own forms, custom validations, and interfaces for a great user experience.

Create smart data listing that simplifies information filtering, extraction, highlights, and quick actions.

Unlimited functional modules by combining various entities and designing customized interfaces.

Define a set of rules for end users to follow using the information panel.

Get support for multilingual admin panel to configure both application data and labels as multilingual for the data panel.

Want to add a functional feature? Add your own custom function to extend the UI, alter data, or formatting.

Explore Scalable backend without writing a single line of code

Increase your web application growth alongside your business
with these essential tools.

Configure.IT enables quick development by eliminating the complexities of writing code. This allows developers to focus on the application’s logic and functionality, reducing development time significantly.

Our no-code backend platform is user-friendly, allowing individuals without extensive coding knowledge to participate in the backend process.

With Configure.IT’s codeless platform the cost of development can be significantly reduced by allowing less-experienced developers to build and maintain the backend.

Pre-built integrations with various APIs and services, streamlining the integration of third-party functionalities.

Configure.IT codeless platforms abstract the underlying code eliminating the chances of coding errors. The platform often handles common security and performance concerns, minimizing vulnerabilities.

Our backend no-code platform is designed to handle scalability and performance automatically in order to manage the backend infrastructure to meet increased demand.

Get in-built testing and debugging tools, allowing developers to quickly identify and fix issues during development.

Codeless backend development facilitates rapid prototyping, enabling teams to quickly create functional prototypes and gather feedback from stakeholders and end-users.

Create an Application Programming
Interface (API)

Develop an API to foster seamless communication between software systems,
facilitating integration and enabling scalable solution creation.


Build dynamic web applications effortlessly with our no-code backend API.

Mobile Apps

Power your mobile app with our no-code backend API.

Enterprise Apps

Simplify backend development ensuring scalability and seamless integration.

iOT devices

Connect and control IoT devices with ease using our no-code backend API.

Explore New Dimensions of Backend Development with zero coding

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01 Startup


Our no-code backend platform empowers startups to tackle business challenges without tech concerns. Startups can now focus on solutions of business problems, instead of worrying about backend complexities. Nurture your startup with Configure.IT by your side.

Speed of Development

Reduced Maintenance

Integration Capabilities



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02 Enterprise


Configure.IT allows you to build backend for enterprise applications with the power of no-code platform with speed, freedom, and efficiency across the board without the hassles of integration with the existing system.

No Vendor Lock-in

Infrastructure Free Development

Extensive Reusability

Module Driven Approach

Powerful API Connector

Reduced Resource Dependency

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03 Student

Web development outside Classes

Nocode backend platform, exclusively designed for students! Say goodbye to complex coding and embrace simplicity with our user-friendly interface. Whether you're working on a class project or building your dream app, our platform empowers you to create powerful backends without writing a single line of code.

Open-ended System

Integrated Platform

Online Help Center

Standard Security

Zero Infrastructure

Create a Competitive Niche

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have Questions?

Here, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs about our Configure.IT that you might have and many of our subscribers have asked us :

A No-Code Backend Development Platform allows businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises build and manage their backends without writing a code. It empowers users to create powerful and scalable applications with ease.

Configure.IT Backend Platform caters to businesses of all sizes from different industries. Whether you’re a startup, SME, or enterprise, these platforms offer versatility and ease-of-use, streamlining backend development for everyone.

Yes, Configure.IT, a No-Code Backend Platform offers seamless integration with popular third-party services and APIs. This allows businesses to leverage existing tools and services for improved functionality and user experience.

Configure.IT is way too advanced than simply being just a code generator. While it produces 100% dynamic source code for Data Panel & API, there are several key advantages of the platform that are rare to find at one place. The completeness of the platform in terms of providing almost everything you need for a custom Backend development is one of the benchmarks compared to other platforms. The platform covers designing relational Database, visual API for business logic, and Data Panel for CMS.