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The IOT of App Development

The integrated approach for Backend Connected Mobile App Development – The IOT of App Development

App development isn’t what it was even half a decade back. Apps today aren’t only made for businesses; everyone from the common man on the street to employees of corporations is using apps to do everything from book movie tickets

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Google IO Event 2016

Some of the Most Interesting announcements from Google I/O 2016 Event

One of the biggest events of this month, Google I/O has given so many things to explore ourselves. This event always brings a number of impressive gadgets and services. This post contains detailed information about the Google I/O announcements such

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No Coding App Development Platform

Reasons for Choosing A No-Coding Mobile App Development Platform

Have App ideas but don’t know from where to start or how to start? The first question, every non-technical entrepreneur or a startup have in mind. We all are not technical geeks who can develop any kind of apps or

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iOS 10 concept

iOS 10 Concept Features-Impressive Home Screen Shortcuts, Latest Multitasking UI And Much More

In terms of visual design changes, Apple had not updated so many things in iOS 9. Instead, only some small changes were there which were not more appreciable. Now when WWDC is arriving soon, Apple will surely introduce iOS 10

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The Key Terms that Proves, How Swift Beats Objective-C

It’s been more than a year that Swift has been launched. This new iOS programming language has gained enough traction from the developer community the praises still continuously coming. The reviews about this language clearly show that this is the

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ConfigureIT Hosting Services

With Hosting Service, Configure.IT is complete now!

Many companies across the world offers service of Development of Mobile App and developers keeps on trying all or few of them. Each developer’s requirement for Mobile App is different as the goal of developing Mobile App are not same.

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Configure.IT as Parse Alternative

Migrate from Parse to Configure.IT with Just a Click

Since Parse Sunset news have been announced by Facebook, all the Parse users have become active to find the alternative where they can migrate their App. Configure.IT is the best platform where Parse users can transfer their App and get

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Apple Swift 2.0

Configure.IT is ready to Shake Hand with Future of iOS – SWIFT

SWIFT has captured a large number of iOS App market within just 22 months of its first release. This open source of Apple has gained popularity among iOS developers very rapidly because it has overcome the main flaws of Objective

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ConfigureIT Announcements

The Bunch of Announcements From Configure.IT To Make the User-Experience Easy & Smooth

Hello Everyone. Configure.IT, A revolutionary mobile app development platform will be going to do multiple launching on 2nd May, 2016, that you will surely love. Here are they: Swift 2.0 code for iOS On May 2, 2016 , users will

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Innovative Mobile App Ideas of Dharavi’s Tech Girls – A Real Inspirational Story

The biggest revolution in mobile applications taking place in the biggest slum area – Dharavi, Mumbai. A girl with just 15 years of age, Ansuja Madiwal, had a great interest in computers. She got only half hour to explore herself

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